About Us

Cap-à-pie is a UK based company, run and managed by a re-enactor with a desire to provide high quality goods at an affordable price. We supply to a variety of customers such as collectors, museums, movie and theatre companies.

Having no shop front also affords the ability to concentrate on keeping costs down as low as possible as well as enabling us to travel to various locations and events throughout the year. Of course if you do find it cheaper with the same build and quality, then please tell us. 
From the onset we have always made the effort to incorporate current research on original pieces of maille, from in depth discussions on the methods of the manufacturing process through its development and use over the years with "maille" curators, people who work extensively with these original pieces of work. It is this approach that has focused our work and lead Cap-à-pie, to where we are today.
We pride ourselves in going just that little bit extra when it comes to authenticity from the weight of the individual rings to the inclusion of an "Armourers Mark" where we use a small brass ring that has the company name in medieval script embossed around it, this is now attached to every one of our shirts, you will find this small yet unique addition a great talking point for members of the public.
Our maille also undergoes very stringent Quality Control checks, not only throughout the manufacturing process but also before despatching to the customer. We aim to provide you with maille that will last and that you will be happy to wear, rather than something you put on five minutes before battle and take off soon after.
Come and visit our stand at any of the events listed on the Events page, or drop an e-mail for further information.
Whatever your needs are, we can supply, whether you are after full Head to Toe "Cap à Pie" or simply a single item.