The majority of our maille is made from mild steel, although other materials can be used if required. The most popular style is a combination of riveted and solid rings in the 4-1 design, that's one riveted ring to four solid rings.

Not only does this give a cost saving, it also gives an extra element of strength as well as a reduction in weight, with Haubergeons from 5kg and Hauberks fom 8kg. In fact weights very similar to that of original maille.  

From the onset we have always made the effort to focus our research on original pieces of maille and are pleased to have a good working relationship with "maille" curators, people who work extensively with these original pieces of work.

It is this approach that has lead Cap-à-pie, to where we are today. From our Black Forged finish to the inclusion of an "Armourers Mark", a small brass ring with the company name in medieval script, attached to our shirts. You will find this small yet unique addition a great talking point for members of the public.

As well as our "off the peg" items, we are also able to provide a customisation service, contact us for further information. 

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Round Riveted Haubergeon 66"

Round Riveted Haubergeon 66"

Perfect for early period, pre C11th and even late C14th/C15th with the use of plate armour, w..


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